New Moon Sound Bath Meditation and Tea Ceremony

New Moon Sound Bath  Meditation and Tea Ceremony

Our New Moon Ceremonies is meant to provide you a time to set intentions through a relaxing sound bath meditation, allowing you to align with the energy of the new lunar cycle.

Take This Time to Manifest Your Desires

Vertical shot of the patterns on the sands in the desert
Before our ceremony begins, you are invited to pull a card and participate in a reading. Use the message to guide the rest of your day and as a point of self-reflection before your meditation begins.
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As we meditate to set our intentions for the next lunar cycle, a Sound Bath will take place, providing you an opportunity to enter into a deep relaxation, release mental blocks, and open chakras.
Our ceremony concludes with our take on the Japanese Tea Ceremony, where we reflect on the spiritual process we went through during our meditation, and endulge on tea and snacks.