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I look forward to getting to know you as we take on this journey towards self-improvement of our mind, body, and soul. I’ll see you on the mat!

Anastasiia Ahmedaly, Founder of Powerhaus
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Restorative Flow

A unique slow-paced yoga flow designed to stretch your muscles deeply through mind and muscle connection, leaving you feeling physically and mentally restored after your long week. Finish in your savasana pose with a complimentary scented towel and relaxing ambience.

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New Moon Sound Bath Meditation and Tea Ceremony

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Full Moon Sound Bath Meditation and Tea Ceremony

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Pura Vida Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

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December Serenity Freeport, TX Yoga Retreat

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Powerhaus Flow

This energetic flow is designed to strengthen your abdominal muscles and the muscles in your back, making it suitable for all fitness levels. Enhance your balance and endurance by optionally incorporating ankle weights for added resistance.
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Mobility Flow

This revitalizing flow is designed to help you overcome your physical limitations. When dealing with stiffness, tightness, joint pain or muscular imbalance, treating the symptoms will only get you so far. It is through mobility work that you can create structural changes to your tissues and joints, bringing you one step closer to physical improvement, flexibility, functionality, and a better range of motion.
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Fiery Lower Body Flow

This spicy flow is designed to strengthen the muscles of your legs and abdominal muscles with incorporation of dumbbells. Great for all levels.
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Restore Flow

This slowly-paced restorative flow is designed to improve your flexibility and mobility through deeper, more intentional positions. The grounding nature of this class is geared towards helping you let go of stress, anxiety, and tension, leaving you feeling profoundly relaxed by the end of your session.
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All classes at Powerhaus begin with a wellness shot made with high quality ingredients to ensure a natural energetic boost to give you the energy needed to complete the class.

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All Powerhaus classes conclude with a refreshing scented cold towel placed on your forehead during the Savasana pose, providing a well-deserved and relaxing rest to rejuvenate after your efforts.

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I am on my third yoga session with Anastasia and I haven’t looked back. The ambiance of the studio is soothing, there is attention to detail that includes beet and ginger juice, my personal favorite are the intention cards to set the mood. Anastasia has a great vibe and makes each session both comfortable and challenging for beginning or intermediate yogis. I took this class to help improve my form with weightlifting and I’ve noticed an improvement to my mind to muscle connection. Looking forward to seeing how my body adapts and grows. The cool towel is the cherry on top! – Powerhaus Member


I found myself filled with stress and anxiety from the week, but after visiting Powerhaus for the first time, I left feeling relaxed and mentally motivated! The studio’s setting has a very warm and zen ambiance to it, which I loved. Don’t get me started on how good it smells in there too! I was one of the lucky participants to attend Ana’s first moon talk, sound/aroma therapy, and tea testing sessions which all reached beyond my expectations. I felt very welcomed here and made new friends. It is definitely an experience that I want to share with my friends the next time I go. 10/10! – Powerhaus Member